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Why You Need An Alfresco Pizza Oven

By Ason Figueroa August 24, 2021 0 comments

Why You Need the Alfresco Pizza Oven Plus for Your Home

If you're thinking of buying the Alfresco 30-inch Outdoor Pizza Oven Plus (the AXE-PZA), you may be wondering why it's so great and if it's worth the price.

Though it is a bit more expensive than other options, it is designed to be used with natural gas. However, you can still have it ready to go with propane. The built-in version is available, but for a separate fee, you can get a freestanding one. With that, the countertop option is a bit less.

Before you decide to buy this pizza oven, it's important to learn about the top features and the other considerations. Let's dive into those now!

Top Features for the Alfresco Built-in Pizza Oven

The Alfresco 30-inch Outdoor Pizza Oven Plus (the AXE-PZA-BI) uses natural gas as its fuel. Here are a few of the top features to love about this pizza oven:

  • Countertop rear exhaust
  • High performances all the way
  • Double-walled removable top
  • 456 sq. in. of cooking area
  • High-tech and high-heat infrared hearth burner
  • High-performance tube log burner
  • Double-walled & removable top makes it easy to maintain
  • Removable hinges & doors
  • 18-8 heli-arc welded stainless steel
  • Full 8.5-inch opening for the cooking space
  • Alfresco's natural air-cooling plenum - it keeps your control panel cool so that it is cool to the touch
  • Halogen oven light

Superior Versatility to Cook More than Pizza

Pizza is likely the first thing you want to make with the Alfresco 30-inch Outdoor Pizza Oven (the AXE-PZA-BI), but it's not the only food to prepare with natural gas. This oven lets you get an iron-skillet sear, but you can also roast and bake, too. The ovens feature stainless steel for the wood/herb box, which is also the water pan for steaming.

Radiant Heat Spreads Quickly

Ultimately, the fireplace-style gas log radically accelerates and absorbs preheat time needs, allowing you to cook pizzas in less than five minutes. That's because this fireplace-like gas log absorbs the heat better.

Since it uses natural gas, the pizza oven is durable and offers an even & intense radiating heat. Plus, you're sure to enjoy that the Alfresco 30-inch Outdoor Pizza Oven (the AXE-PZA-BI) stays cool to the touch because the Alfresco's natural air cooling plenum keeps your control panel cool at all times.

That way, you can have four-minute Neapolitan pizzas and so much more.

Great Construction

This premium pizza oven (the AXE PZA) uses natural gas and is a premium oven. That way, you get a great cooking experience each time you use it.

Inside the Alfresco 30-inch outdoor pizza oven (the AXE-PZA-BI), the 304 stainless steel exterior offers a thick & high-quality ceramic slab ceiling and hearth. With that, you need the ceiling for even, intense top-down heat. You're sure to appreciate the ceramic ceiling slab. You need the slab for intense top-down heating and quick cooking times for better flavor.

With that, you get a ceramic infrared burner for high heat that offers 456 square inches of cooking space, which is enough to cook a 14-inch pizza. You can even keep an eye on everything better because of the internal halogen lights and the glass doors. This pizza oven is sure to enhance your outdoor kitchen and offers tons of cooking power, especially when you pair it with the Alfresco built-in grill.

More Things to Consider

The Alfresco 30-inch outdoor pizza oven (the AXE-PZA-BI) offers a spacious cooking floor of 24x19-inches. It only fits a single pizza at once, so they're not suitable for commercial jobs and large families.

Still, this natural gas pizza oven (the AXE-PZA-BI) features a 20,000 BTU tube log, so it's faster when cooking the pizza. In a sense, you can use the natural gas of the Alfresco 30-inch outdoor pizza oven (the AXE-PZA-BI) to get things done faster, allowing you to cook more than one pizza in the same amount of time as one pizza.


If you're interested in the Alfresco 30-inch outdoor pizza oven (the AXE-PZA-BI), you are sure to enjoy cooking with natural gas already. Ultimately, this pizza oven (the AXE-PZA-BI) has everything you need and can transform any outdoor kitchen into a work of art.

With that, it's possible to get the AXE PZA with free shipping! Don't delay; buy one today!

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