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Why Luxury and High-End Grills Are the Better Choice

By Ason Figueroa February 08, 2021 0 comments

It is a sizzling summer's day—the perfect type of day for getting some vitamin D and diving into the pool. Of course, you know what else that means? Taking out the grill and putting it to good use with grilling mouth-watering burger patties, sausages, steaks, grilled veggies, and more.

A temptation that could cross your mind when barbequing your favorite meats and vegetables is the option of grilling your grub on a high-end luxury grill, but what is considered a “luxury” grill? Are they the better choice and should you buy one?

The short answer is yes. You should buy a luxury grill if you are looking for a superior performance appliance that has better features, longevity, as well as a reliable and durable structure. It might take some financial budgeting and saving, but luxury grills are typically worth the investment, and as the old adage saying goes - you get what you pay for.

Before we get started on the pros of luxury grills, let’s talk about the price tag of these gas grills. High-end gas grills characteristically cost more because they typically have more to offer in terms of better features and qualities. They have added functionalities and are well designed with premium materials, and are built as reliable and durable long term investment appliances. As with any type of investment, it is important to understand what makes it worth its value. We have picked out a few key features to highlight what makes luxury gas grills so valuable and worth your investment.

The Advantages of Choosing a Luxury and High-end Grill

Better Burners

One of the most prominent and important elements of a luxury grill are the burners. High-end grills have lots of burners and lots of BTUs, which ensure you reap the full benefits of these grills and are ready to perform. Luxury grill burners are crafted with thicker gauge stainless steel or cast iron of the highest quality, which will not rust (if cared for correctly).

In contrast, however, cheaper grill burners are made of low-grade stainless steel, which, in due time, rust or blow out and need to be replaced. Additionally, high-end luxury grills have multiple burners with individual controls for various grilling options, and any barbeque master who has had the task of grilling more than one type of food at a time can appreciate this fact. The precise control the luxury grill burners offer results in a consistent and reliable grill with every use, and the more BTUs per burner results in more power, which means more heat, and dependability leading to perfection every time.

Better Features

For the serious barbeque fanatics and master chefs who want all the bells and whistles, it's worth it to spend the capital on the investment of a luxury grill. With too many abundant features to count and the only thing that matters is how you want to grill look no further than a high-end grill. With high-end luxury, grills have typically had the ability to switch between various cooking options, including wood-chip smoking options, a built-in rotisserie, side burners, infrared technology, and a built-in refrigeration section. Luxury grills also include preparation areas with buckets and dishes for marinades, ice, and more, as well as light up control knobs, convection fans, and even wi-fi control.

Build Quality and Safety

In the high-end range of luxury grills, the well-designed appliances are built for reliability, durability, and longevity. High-end luxury grills are crafted with state-of-the-art technology and materials to ensure high performance and exceptional quality standards are met, ensuring the safety of the user. The reason for their well-crafted superior build is simple – they are built to be an investment and last a long time. On a well-made high-end range luxury grill heavy stainless steel of the best quality, durable and reliable detailing of hinges, wheels, and legs and less plastic or material painted with heat resistant paint.


A standout feature of the high-end luxury grill industry is the warranty. A luxury grill boasts an almost all-inclusive lifetime warranty with the exception of the odd element being covered for a few years; the bulk of the high-end luxury grill will have a warranty that covers it for a lifetime. A good rule of thumb to look for in terms of the warranty is to ensure as many parts as possible are covered for as minimum as 5 to 10 years.

In conclusion, it can be said that high-end luxury grills are entirely worth it if you are aiming to take your barbequing experience to the next level. If you are looking to construct the outdoor kitchen of your dreams and boast amongst your peers at the next sunny pool-side barbeque get together or are simply the type to want to avoid repeat purchases for a long time, then budgeting and saving towards a long-term investment such as a high-end luxury grill makes unconditional sense for you. The level of precise control a luxury grill gives you absolutely shows in those tasty chops, steaks, rotisserie chicken, and grilled vegetables you can cook.

Helping you Decide on Your Next High-end Luxury Grill with our Five Choices

  1. The Cal Flame P Series 4 Burner

This luxury grill features a roomy four burner unit that is the perfect fit for any outdoor kitchen and offers a burner BTU output cooking power of 75000 and comes with accessories such as a pizza brick tray, deep fryer set, and rotisserie basket. An all-round pleasure to own. View Here!

  1. The Alfresco 56” Luxury Deluxe Grill

The Alfresco grill boasts offers a robust 770 square of grilling space with additional space for heating, boiling, and alternative creative culinary desires. Accessories include a well-crafted steamer, pasta maker, and fryer. View Here!

  1. Fire Magic Grills’ Black Diamond Edition

The Black Diamond Edition Series displays a porcelain coated finish with satin stainless-steel access; this grill is a combination of innovation, beauty, and performance. View Here!

  1. Coyote 50” Hybrid Grill

The Coyote Hybrid grills offer a unique and innovative feature through the use of combining the charcoal grill and gas grill cooking options for the user. Accessories include built-in smokers and a custom fit weather-resistant cover. View Here!

  1. Blaze Grills’ 32-Inch 4 Burner Built-in Gas Grill 

Blaze Grill is considered a leader in the industry regarding the thickness of its components, which results in incomparable durability and quality that ensures an effective cooking experience. Accessories include a rotisserie kit, removable warming rack, and a unique rear infrared burner. View Here!

- JwGrills

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