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Why Cal Flame Grills Are An Excellent Choice

By Ason Figueroa December 16, 2020 0 comments

Dive Into The World Of Cal Flame 

There’s no better way to spend your free time than inviting a few friends over, cracking open a case of beer, and grilling an assortment of meat and other delicious treats, whether BBQ chicken, pork, steak, or perhaps even roasted vegetables - a must-try if you haven’t already.

Cal Flame Grills are the backyard grill solution you’ve been looking for, an award-winning manufacturer with the consumer in mind. All Cal Flame Grills are engineered for excellence, created with the highest quality stainless steel without compromising on style - there’s a grill for every yard, big or small.

This short article will highlight exactly why Cal Flame Grills are the obvious choice when it comes to roasting a mean steak, at least compared to other competitors.

All Cal Flame Grills are ETL and CE listed

All Cal Flame Grills, and other products, are ETL and CE listed. This guarantees consumer safety when using our products, providing you with ease of mind and allowing you to focus on cooking up a delicious spread.

Award-winning manufacturer

It’s no secret that they know how to make grills - that’s further conveyed by them being an award-winning manufacturer – Cal Flame really does know how to add flavor to those long summer nights. In fact, you may have even seen them on TV, on social media, or perhaps in your local home depot or hardware store.

Let us let you in on a little secret: Cal Flame focuses on you, the customer first - creating products you want with features you cannot live without. And yes, we’re talking about those amazing stainless-steel burners, amongst other features.

A grill for every budget

Regardless of your budget, there’s a Cal Flame Grill for you - whether you’re after a convection design, G series, or P series with signature stainless steel burners and ignition. With a wide choice of grills, you’re sure to find a back-yard partner for you, one you’ll use year-round. Who knows, maybe it’ll even replace your oven during those hot summer months? You’ll never know until you’ve tried a grilled Sunday lunch with crispy yet tender chicken.

Added convenience

All Cal Flame Grills are designed to fit any Cal Flame BBQ cart of BBQ island. Also, with a glass window on the hood of the grill, you can check the cooking progress of your food without opening up the grill and letting the heat out. However, even if you do lift the lid and let the delicious scent and heat escape, our clever and exclusive convection system ensures it’ll heat back up in no time whatsoever - all in a safe and efficient manner.

To conclude

Cal Flame Grills are an excellent grill choice for your back yard, making those summer nights a joy, especially when paired with an ice-cold beer.

We believe grilling should be inclusive to all, a truly delicious passion we wish to share with you all.

To view the full range of Cal Flame Grills, click here.

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