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Top Tips For Cleaning Your Grill

By Ason Figueroa November 01, 2020 0 comments

Top Tips for Cleaning Your Grill

After a packed summer of grilling, as the winter months edge closer, many grill owners will now be looking to give their grill a thorough deep clean. Cleaning your grill regularly will not only ensure it looks fantastic, but it can also help your grill to work more efficiently.

Of course, cleaning a grill is never a fun task and is one that many of us put off. However, to help make the job easier for you, we have put together our top cleaning tips for you:

1. Protect your working area

Cleaning your grill can be a messy task, so before you begin, you should protect your working area by laying down some kind of tarpaulin or waterproof covering. The carbonized debris and grease can stain and damage driveways and grass.

2. Loosen any food

Before you start cleaning the grill, ensure that you have disconnected the gas tank and set it aside. Then using a sturdy wire grill brush, loosen any food debris that has built up on the grates, warming rack, drip plates, and grease bucket. You should also scrape the underside of the grill lid to remove any carbonized debris.

3. Brush out remnants

Once you have loosened the debris, use a soft brush to sweep all of the remnants out of the grill. If you have a portable vacuum, then this is a great way to quickly remove and ash and dirt. You should also clear out any cabinets or storage areas that the grill has.

4. Give it a wash

Once you have removed the carbonized debris, give your grill a wash using warm water and soap. If you can, remove any parts and let them soak in a bucket, or if they are too large to fit, then place them in a sturdy garbage bag filled with soap and water and leave for at least thirty minutes.

Once soaked, scrub the grill grates vigorously to remove any burnt-on debris. If there are still some stains that will not come off, try sprinkling the grill with a solution of white vinegar and baking soda.

With everything removed, it is the perfect time to clean the interior of your grill. Using a soft brush (as wire wool can scratch the metal), gently clean the entire unit using warm water and soap.

5. Reassemble your grill

Carefully dry each item and then reassemble your grill. You should then fire it up for around 15 minutes to ensure that any soapy residue is burnt off and guarantees your food will not be compromised for your next cook. To ensure that your grill remains in the very best condition, lubricate any moving parts such as the lid and grill vents too.

If you want to keep your grill in the best possible condition, then you should regularly clean and wipe it down after each cook. Not only will this help to keep it looking its very best, but it will also make cleaning it much easier and quicker.


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