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The Right Grill For You. Entry, Mid or High Level?

By Ason Figueroa September 18, 2021 0 comments

Which Grill Is the Right One for You?

Summer is barbecue season, and now that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced that fully vaccinated people — as well as some unvaccinated people, depending on the situation — are no longer required to wear masks outside, family and friends are looking forward to getting together in person. This suggests that the focus is back on grills, similar to the steady and consistent growth in interest in grilling accessories we observed last summer.

If you plan on spending a lot of time grilling this summer, now is a good time to upgrade your grilling equipment – or buy a new one. It's difficult to know where to start when it comes to grilling, with options ranging from charcoal to wood and pellets. Gas grills, on the other hand, are rather ubiquitous and could be a good fit for your outdoor space.

Finding the Best Grill for You

Materials and features are the two most important aspects in determining the final price of a grill. You may be able to buy a grill built from higher quality materials for the same price by skipping features you won't use. A grill built of 430 stainless steel rather than 304 stainless steel, on the other hand, would be able to cram in more features at a lesser cost.
There is no such thing as a "perfect" barbecue, but with so many possibilities on the market, you're far more likely to discover one that suits your needs.

Grill Head Analysis

While these are just three of the many options available at our business, they provide a good overview of the variations between the various pricing ranges. Brands and models can differ in terms of feature sets and construction materials, but these major areas should help you to evaluate items side by side to choose the best option for your outdoor kitchen.

At higher pricing points, features like BTU output, burner material, and rotisserie systems enhance the grill. On the high-end grill model, additional luxury amenities such as ambient lighting, integrated rotisserie rod storage, and a hot surface ignition are offered.

Finally, while all models are constructed of 304 stainless steel, the entry-level Napoleon grill saves money by utilizing 304 stainless steel in critical sections while incorporating more cost-effective metal options elsewhere.

What Exactly Is a Luxury Grill?

We consider grills priced around $1,000 to be the entry point into the premium barbecue category. Though this price range may appear arbitrary, it's at this point that you may start to notice real quality differences. Luxury grills, on the other hand, can cost upwards of $15,000 for reasons we discuss later in this piece.
When people ask us about the many types of grills, we usually divide them into four categories: budget, entry-level luxury, mid-range luxury, and high-end luxury. Consider how different qualities, features, and prices apply to different tiers of grills, just as they do for cars: each step up in class finds different attributes, functions, and prices.

Entry-Level Luxury Grills

Grills in this price range start at roughly $1,000 and go up to $3,000. These grills provide exceptional value and a great foundation for high-end grilling, and they start to use higher-quality construction materials that would last for years.

There is one type of an entry-level grill: premium build quality with limited features and above-average build quality with additional features. In this category, the Blaze Prelude LBM 32-Inch 4-Burner Built-In Natural Gas Grill is an excellent example. The former is made of a higher-quality stainless steel, although it lacks extra functions. To allow for the integration of side and rear infrared burners, the latter utilizes a different grade of stainless steel.

Mid-Range Luxury Grills

These grills improve on the preceding class's features and durability while also adding some new ones. Such grills, that range in price from $3,000 to $5,000, have more features and are of higher quality than entry-level versions.

From the entry-level category, mid-range grills combine the best of both worlds. You can find high-quality materials and extra features here. This category is exemplified by the Summerset TRL Deluxe 44" 4-Burner Built-in Grill. It is made of 304 stainless steel and includes an infrared back rotisserie burner, flame stabilizers, and built-in grill lights.

High-End Luxury Grills

These would be your high-performance sports cars, and they don't skimp on anything. Such grills are top-of-the-line in every way, and they're as much a status statement as they are a cooking device.

As in the car world, there are different brands with varied strengths inside each of those tiers. Furthermore, for the time being, we can concentrate on the broad contrasts between each of these pricing groups.

With a built-in refrigerator and a large grilling area, what could be better? The Alfresco Refrigerated Cart Grill is worth a look. Is it possible to have both gas and charcoal functionality? The Alfresco Built-in Gas Grill is a good example. If you want restaurant success, how about a high-tech design? You want a Lynx Smart Grill.

The number of features available on high-end grills is impossible to count. When money isn't an issue, the only important thing is the way you want to grill.
The Real Differences Between Budget and Luxury Grills
Premium grills have a higher price tag, but they provide significant quality and performance improvements. When it comes to grills, you're not just paying for a brand name.

Do low-cost grills work? Yes. They can make an acceptable meal at the end of the day, but some folks expect more than that. The largest distinctions between a budget grill and a luxury grill, for people who understand quality, come down to three primary categories: quality, function, and efficiency.

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