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The Primo Kamado World

By Ason Figueroa July 08, 2021 0 comments

The Primo Grill World

Primo is best known for its patented, oval-shaped ceramic grills. These deliver the highest level of cooking performance and versatility. With the Primo Kamado Grills, you get multiple cooking methods as it creates two distinct zones inside. For instance, you can cook directly over the charcoal in one half and indirectly on the other side with the help of a deflector.

This two-zone cooking method offers significant control over the food’s doneness. Even Primo’s gas model, the Oval G 420, has the same level of control. Additionally, the oval shape allows them to hold more food than round grills, letting you comfortably cook around its edge.

Primo has several ceramic grills available. If you’re wondering which may be the better option for you, read on and find out all about them.


Primo Oval XL 400

The Primo Oval XL 400 is an incredibly versatile kamado grill and the most popular model from the brand. It has the largest cooking area out of every model and offers superior cooking efficiency and accessibility with its patented oval shape. With this, you can grill, smoke, bake, or roast any food you want.

If you’re looking to serve food to an entire party or prepare meals for your family, this one is the best option available. Of course, maybe you only want enough space to grill anything you want for yourself as quickly as possible.

This grill has a cooking area of 400 square inches and a temperature range of 151-850F. Moreover, it weighs 250 pounds and is 27.5 inches tall without counting the optional carts, tables, and cradles you can get.

The XL 400 has several installation options which give you much-needed flexibility. You can either opt for the basic standalone model, which has the grill itself, a firebox, and two cast iron racks, or one that includes a primo cart, cradle, or table.

There’s also the All-in-One package that every Primo ceramic grill now has. This one includes a grill head, cradle stand, side tables, ergonomic handle, ash tool, and grate lifter. Overall, its excellent build quality makes it superior to other traditional grills, smokers, and ovens.


Primo Oval LG 300

The Primo Oval LG 300 offers an excellent balance between sheer size and cooking capacity. It may be the best next option after the XL 400 for your garden or outdoor kitchen. As it has a lower weight, it can sit on more surfaces than the X-Large model. Of course, that isn’t too relevant if you purchase the grill with one of its custom-made tables.

This ceramic grill is significantly resistant to wear and easy to use, as most Primo grills are. Although it’s smaller than the XL 400, you can still effortlessly cook more significant amounts of food for any gathering or feed your whole family than with other options. After all, with the Primo Oval LG 300, you can easily cook up to eight steaks at a time without considering the optional rack system.

It has a cooking area of 300 square inches and the same temperature range of 151-850F. However, it weighs 152 pounds and is slightly shorter with a 25.25-inch height. The Primo Oval LG 300 has the same installation options as the other models: the cart, table, cradle, or the handy All-in-One package.


Primo Oval JR 200

The Primo Oval JR 200 is the smallest model available from Primo, making it ideal for picnics, float trips, and tailgates. You can enjoy the same superior cooking, accessibility, and efficiency as the other Primos but in a compact design that’s excellent for travel.

It has every benefit of the patented oval shape, such as the multiple cooking methods and larger cooking space, but all in an easier-to-handle size. The compact size of the JR 200 means that it can fit almost anywhere. Moreover, if you choose to buy it alongside the optional rack system, you can enjoy grilling on a cooking area more extensive than the LG 300.

The cooking area of this grill is 210 square inches, but it goes over 360 with the optional racks. Usually, you would be able to cook around five steaks at a time, but the amount might be over eight with the extension. Its weight is considerably lower, 100 pounds, and the temperature range is the same as the larger models. Additionally, it doesn’t lose much on height, sitting at 21.5 inches.

Although the Oval JR 200 also has the same installation options as the previous two grills, it has a unique equipment piece, the Primo GO two-piece cradle and base. With this, you can truly have the best and largest portable kamado grill available.


Primo Large Round

The Primo Large Round is where their kamado grills got their start. It provides every benefit of cooking in high-quality ceramic but in the traditional round grill size. This model is ideal for those looking to replace their current round setup or those who want a grill for their new outdoor area.

It’s similar to the Primo Oval LG 300 in terms of its specifications and capacity. The Large Round has a cooking area of 280 square inches and the same temperature range of 151-850F. With this model, you can cook around six steaks at a time. Unlike the other models, this one doesn’t have an optional rack system, so it can’t go above that.

Although its cooking area is slightly lower than the LG 300, it weighs considerably more at 200 pounds. However, the reason is clear. After all, this is the tallest Primo grill available at 29.75 inches.


The Primo Kamado Grills

Every Primo grill is made in the USA and is of the best quality. Their patented oval design and numerous accessories allow you to enjoy many cooking configurations that let you grill, roast, sear, bake, and smoke your food. You can even whip up a quick pizza for your family.

Overall, the Primo Kamado Grills’ combination of premium-grade ceramics and 100% natural lump charcoal can bring out the best flavor in your food. The ceramic provides excellent heat retention and allows it to maintain consistent temperatures with ease. Gas and metal grills simply can’t offer the same mouthwatering experience that the great Primo grills consistently do.

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