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Meet Alfresco Grills

By Ason Figueroa June 05, 2021 0 comments

Life is seldom sweeter than when the sun shines down upon you, drink in one hand and tongs in the other as you BBQ happily away in your yard. Summertime grilling is utterly blissful and lies at the core of many happy memories for families and friends all over the country.

Outdoor dining is a cross-generational pleasure, be it from the comfort of your own home or your favorite open-air eatery, and grilling is a national passion. For professionals, this passion is amplified when cooking on an American made Alfresco Grill.

There’s barbequing, and then there’s real barbequing. Alfresco Grills has taken the humble backyard cookout and made it into an art form. With a range of innovative designs and exclusive products to turn any outdoor space into a professional kitchen.

The company has been setting the industry standard for two decades. Its name is synonymous with professional grade outdoor cooking equipment, and its unrivalled expertise shines brightly through its products.

A grill is not one size fits all. An avid home cook upgrading the backyard and looking for a bit of star power does not need the same setup as a commercial space expanding into a fully kitted out open air kitchen, which is why Alfresco Grills offers it all. The premium quality grills range from 30 inches up to a whopping 56 inches, all of which can be custom fit into your kitchen space or bought with a compatible freestanding unit for grilling on the go.

Alfresco 30 Inch Grill

The Alfresco 30 Inch Grill is out to prove that good things come in small packages. Perfect for a cooking area restricted by size or a first-time luxury grill buyer who wants to start small, this product has packed a whole lot of cooking power into a compact design without compromising on quality.

The next step on the professional grade outdoor dining ladder would be the Alfresco 36 Inch grill. It’s still made with space in mind but with an extra burner for a little more fire power, this little beauty is a backyard barbeque champion. It provides enough grill space to throw a top-class cookout, and the multi-functional warming rack keeps everything toasty. In a small commercial space, the 36-inch size is a great central feature.

Alfresco 42 Inch Grill

Whenever the party, wherever the place; this grill is ready to go. The most classic and popular sized grill across the board, the Alfresco 42 Inch Luxury Grill has it all. The 770sq inches of cooking space is powered by three premium grade burners and comes with a warming rack, designated smoking system, an infrared rotisserie, and the option of a fully refrigerated cart.

Professional or simply passionate, this product is what barbeque dreams are made of.

Alfresco 56 Inch Grills

You read it right; 56 Inches of uninterrupted grill. As if that’s not enough, the brand offers two variations of the maximum sized unit.

The Alfresco 56 Inch All Grill is the biggest and baddest of them all with just under 1000 square inches of cook space. This massive machine comes with all the same bells and whistles as its little brothers and sisters but adds a ceramic infrared searing zone, perfect for a commercial diner that wants to be famous for its al fresco grilled steaks.

This beast is perfection for a spacious outdoor professional kitchen and can easily keep up with the demand of busy summertime grilling lunch traffic.

The Alfresco 56 Inch Deluxe Grill provides slightly less grill space to accommodate a gas burning stove top. This comes in handy for busy chefs who like to multitask as it provides an area for boiling, shallow frying, or whatever else you may need it for. Everything else works the same as the 56 Inch All Grill but without the searing station, so your steaks must be cooked elsewhere.

It’s not just barbequing the Alfresco Grills take to the next level. The company also manufactures exclusive accessories to spice up your grilling life and have created a state-of-the-art outdoor pizza oven.

Alfresco Pizza Oven Plus

Alfresco Grills’ pizza ovens are world renowned for their design, quality, and sheer power. A pizza oven is a specialty item you were likely dreaming of having for your kitchen. Getting an outdoor pizza oven is something truly special.

Dining out under the stars, savoring a glass of Italian red wine with a loved one as the smell of freshly baked pizza floats over from the Alfresco Pizza Oven (the centerpiece of the outdoor kitchen) is an image almost too perfect to bear. If your commercial kitchen could create an outdoor culinary experience like this, business would be booming and times would be good

This oven heats up in no time, keeping wait times low and satisfaction high. The ceramic plate also allows for an even bake. You can easily keep watch over the progress through the elegant and sleek glass doors to ensure perfection every time.

Alfresco Grills has thought of every detail when designing this pizza oven, and it shows. The worldwide praise and admiration of the faultless construction speak for themselves.

This is a brand beyond reproach. The reputation and status Alfresco Grills has built over the years through consistency, innovation, and sheer star power are impressive; and its products live up to every expectation. No matter the size or style of the grill you go for, you know you are getting a certain level of technology, efficiency, and dependability.

For chefs or restaurant owners in the process of expanding their outdoor dining portfolio, an Alfresco Grill is a huge gold star right from the get-go. A luxury grill is not only for the professionals, of course.

America loves to grill, and everybody deserves to barbeque with the best. An Alfresco Luxury Grill, dreamt up and manufactured in the USA, is hard to beat for style, functionality, and results. Get out the tongs and your best apron, call up the friends and family, and light the fire on your best cookout yet, with Alfresco Grills.

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