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Bromic Heating - America's Heating Choice

By Ason Figueroa November 09, 2021 0 comments

Bromic Heaters, America’s Heating Choice

While there are many different heating options available for you today, not all of them provide the efficiency and reliability you may need. Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial outdoor heating, you must ensure you’re getting the best heater possible.

Bromic heaters are known worldwide for being some of the most reliable outdoor heaters you can purchase. As the company claims, its heaters offer the “perfect balance between reliability, performance, and beauty.”

Are Bromic heaters as good as the company claims? In this article, we’re going to take a look at what makes each Bromic heater special, what you can expect from them, and how you can use them on your commercial or residential property.



Features of Bromic Heaters

The Bromic Heating company is known for being the only company to design, engineer, and manufacture portable, electric, and gas heating products for the outdoors. However, the most remarkable aspect of these heaters is their “Smart-Heat” technology.

Smart-Heat allows Bromic heaters to provide highly efficient radiant heating in any situation. Overall, the Smart-Heat technology is available in two ranges: the Platinum Smart-Heat and the Tungsten Smart-Heat.

Platinum Smart-Heat products feature a brushed stainless-steel build that helps minimize light emissions so that it blends perfectly anywhere you put them. Additionally, you may find these products in “Platinum Gas” and “Platinum Electric” options.

On the other hand, the Tungsten Smart-Heat products provide a much more robust and industrial design. Overall, you can use these products in open outdoor and semi-enclosed spaces without any issues. Moreover, these products come with a patented direct ignition system, which has never been seen before on an outdoor radiant heater.

While the Tungsten Smart-Heat products are much more powerful and suitable for industrial environments, you can also use them for your residential property without any problems.



Types of Bromic Heaters

We’ve mentioned the Platinum and Tungsten Bromic series, which are the most popular ones on the market. However, that’s not all that Bromic Heating offers its customers. 

Overall, you can also purchase Bromic Heating’s Cobalt series, which offers a simpler smart-heating option with high performance and durability since its products use thick quartz heating elements with steel coil to provide higher heat amounts.

On the other hand, Bromic Heating’s Freestanding series offers a selection of portable heaters that not only look stylish but also do an amazing job at heating your outdoor spaces.

All of Bromic Heating’s products are ISO-9000 certified, meaning all manufacturing processes for these heaters are approved according to local and international standards.

Bromic Heating works with two main heating types: Gas and electric.

Gas heaters are known for providing the desired heat in a shorter amount of time, making them faster than electric heaters. On the other hand, electric heaters are much more compact and easier to install. If you’re planning on installing your heater in a small space, an electric heater may be a suitable option for you.

On the contrary, if you’re working with large spaces, gas heaters may be the best option to consider. Depending on the case, you may have to work with two or more heaters to cover all the desired areas.




Overall, Bromic Heating is known for manufacturing premium-grade outdoor heaters. While these products come at a significant price range, they make up for it by providing excellent heating power without the environmental impact that a propane heater often causes.

One of the most remarkable features of Bromic Heating products is that they all come in a modern and sleek design. Most of the heaters can blend perfectly in any environment you put them in. According to some reviews, some people don’t even notice the heaters are there!

While aesthetics may not be the first thing you’re looking for in an outdoor heater, Bromic Heating made sure to take care of that area as thoroughly as possible. 

As mentioned before, beauty isn’t everything that the Bromic heater has in favor. These products are known worldwide for being some of the most reliable heating choices people can get despite their price tag. Thanks to the brand’s Smart-Heat technology, people can heat any area they desire in a few minutes without any problems.

Bromic Heating has won three awards for product design, which were the Good Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award, and the Chicago Athenaeum Design Award, which add up to the company’s credibility on the market today.




Generally speaking, Bromic heaters have mostly positive reviews. Still, some customers have complained about some of the products being too “overpriced” for what they offer. It’s important to note that Bromic heaters are considered “premium” products, which is why they have such a high price tag.

Some of the most remarkable reviews include the following:

  • RMC – Amazon User: Great design and nice heat distribution.
  • Tidbits Organic Restaurant: People queue to get a table in our restaurant and it’s the effectiveness of our Bromic outdoor heaters which keeps them happy when sitting outdoors - even in winter.
  • Kion & Sui: We extended our restaurant with an outdoor dining area that accommodates an additional 100 seats; we couldn’t have done that without our new Bromic heaters.


Commercial Usage

Bromic Heating has provided heating solutions for retail, hotel, leisure, and hospitality groups. Overall, Bromic heaters have been successfully used in commercial properties for heating and they’ve gained mostly positive reviews.

However, Bromic heaters have mostly been acquired for restaurants, according to recent reviews. Still, these heaters are suitable for any environment you put them in, as long as you install them accordingly.


Residential Usage

If you have the budget for installing a Bromic heater in your residential property, we highly recommend you do it. These products have been proven to be some of the best outdoor heating choices for patios, decks, and other home outdoor areas. 

Most of the Bromic Heating products are fairly easy to install, and in most cases, a single unit is enough to heat the whole area. If you’re looking for an effective heating choice, Bromic heaters may be the right call.


Bottom Line

Overall, Bromic heaters have always been a “safe” heating choice among many consumers worldwide. While these products come at a high price tag, they provide a premium experience that justifies it.

Additionally, there are many options available on the market today, so you’re free to choose an option that fits your needs and your budget.

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